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What is Soul BodyFusion®?

Soul Body Fusion® is a simple and powerful technique that aligns our souls to our bodies at the cellular level. It’s easy to do and to learn and it has always been our birth right.

All of us have the desire to be whole and to live truly from our hearts, instead of just existing here in the planet Earth.

Feeling ungrounded, not present, out of balance and having the constant need for therapy, depressed for an unknown cause, having low self-esteem to name a few are very common in our Western world. On top of all, many religions have taught us that we’re sinners, even thinking about the body was bad (and is not to be enjoyed) and we feel even more lost. Why do I have a body if it’s so bad? Many of us have sought some enlightenment or meaning to this existence from the spiritual world and meditated a lot. We feel fine while meditating but returning to the normal daily routine isn’t that great. It would be so nice to stay there, wouldn’t it?

We can possibly feel the vibration level of the spirit going up and that feels wonderful. Maybe  the vibration level of the physical body doesn’t match with the one of the spirit? This is what SoulBodyFusion® does: it re-aligns these two in perfect harmony.

The results of SoulBodyFusion® have been amazing so far. Around the world people have manifested them differently: some have got over depression, for others the need for medication has diminished and a sense of well-being has grown.

Many things can happen when we are aligned with ourselves, everything shifts. We don’t even know how much more can happen if more people would do it and would start being themselves, at all levels of their beings?

Who am I?

My name is Raija Matinpalo and I am 56 years old (2017).

I have always been interested in “different” things, new (in Finland at the time and to me) therapies and spiritual issues among other things. I have studied classical homeopathy, Reiki, different types of kinesiology, energy healing and Bach Flower Remedies etc. My latest interests have been in the Metabolic Typing™ and last year FDN® which both aim at balancing the physical body through an individually tailored nutrition plan and different tests to find out the real causes of imbalance. Recently I’ve become an Advanced level PSYCH-K® Facilitator, a PSYCH-K® Basic Instructor and a PER-K® Catalyst which are lovely methods of getting into the real, deeper origins of our malfunctioning and disease, and beyond that. One can heal personal relationships and balance many aspects of our lives by removing the subconscious beliefs that prevent us from being well and enjoying life. It doesn’t use remedies, painful discussions or analysis, but has very efficient and fast methods of getting there. I feel personally that it’s a great tool for creating new in our lives, taking away the resistance to the change, this new, whatever that may be: new perspective to our lives, other people, food, our bodies etc. Thus it opens up completely new tools, full potential and creativity inside all of us that we didn’t even know that existed! So in a way it is close to Soul Body Fusion® but uses different methods, both aiming at conscious living on this planet earth.

Then about SoulBodyFusion® and how I found it

I became acquainted with Jonette Crowley and SoulBodyFusion® a few years ago while reading the Minä Olen Expo magazine about them. That was in 2009, about five years ago. I had never thought highly of channelers because I had been convinced that the Teacher should only speak from her own experience and not channel it through some weird ancient creatures. Besides, spiritual development was serious business, until I met Jonette.

I went to listen to her and to feel her energy to know whether it was the right thing for me to follow. And the words SoulBodyFusion® had some kind of magic, don’ t they?

Jonette completely changed my view of channelling and of spiritual life. She was laughing and even joking about the subject, and always giving more of herself than what I had expected. So, I enrolled myself in the SoulBodyFusion® Course the following weekend.

While we were doing the first fusions I felt, for the first time in my life (about 47 years!) incredibly good, just being in my body, and actually feeling it! On my way out it appeared that the sun shined brighter than ever before, people were smiling and they looked so beautiful! Oh boy, it felt great to be here on this planet Earth, to live here and to be me!

After the course I waited for the next opportunity to attend the Teacher’s Course, and it finally came about in Sweden in 2012. My aim is to teach as many people as possible how to realign their physical being with their beautiful soul.

I am truly grateful to Jonette and to Soul Body Fusion® for giving me this simple process.

How can you learn how to do Soul Body Fusion®?

The easiest and fastest way to learn SBF is to attend a workshop. You can also read the book Soul Body Fusion® – The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond (recommended), on the Internet or listen to the CD recorded by Jonette Crowley. If, however, you want to do Soul Body Fusion® on others professionally I recommend that you attend a workshop.

During the workshop you’ll learn:

–  how to do Soul Body Fusion® on yourself

– how to do Soul Body Fusion® on others

– how to do Soul Body Fusion® remotely

– you’ll get new tools to implement Soul Body Fusion®

in your private life

– receive the international Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner Certificate

 The price of a one-day workshop (my workshops) is 150€, including the VAT. The price of a two-day workshop is 250€. If you desire to learn it and you don’t have a certified teacher in your area, you can gather a group of 6 persons (minimum) and arrange it at your place or some other location. I would be more than happy to come over and teach you this method. And as an organizer of the group, you’ll get the workshop for free!

All the certified Soul Body Fusion® teachers around the world can be found here:

You can call me or contact me by e-mail if you are intersted in SoulBodyFusion®.

My telephone number is 040 – 5352972 and e-mail is

One Soul Body Fusion® session costs 40€ and can be held through Skype or in person on Mondays at the ProHyvinvointi in Kannelmäki.

Thank you for being you!

I finally had the opportunity to get a picture of Jonette herself and me, in September 2013:

Jonette ja Raija

Jonette and Raija